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Tractor WheelieMike Hagan pulling off his famous tractor wheelie

Tractor Wheelie

Balancing a tractor isn't a simple thing. The front end is weighted with the motor, and the tractor is designed to keep the wheels on the ground to give control and stability.

From the factory, tractors are balanced so that the front tires have good contact with the ground, even when the tractor is towing something with a significant "tongue weight" (the weight a trailer puts down on whatever is towing it). After all, a tractor can be quite dangerous if you can't steer!

However, with careful work you can adjust the center of mass of a tractor so that you can get it to balance at different points. This can allow the front wheels to come off the ground. Well, if you thought keeping control of your bicycle, or even a motorcycle, when doing a wheelie was a challenge, you'll have great respect for Mike Hagan, who holds the world record for a tractor wheelie: 7.6 miles set in 2009.

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