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Mike Hagan

Mike Hagan was introduced to the world of firearms hunting with his grandfather on the family farm. He also worked tractor on feed lots and farms since age 11. There he learned that, under the right conditions, tractors can lift their front wheels off the ground. The idea is to keep the front wheels on the ground for stability - but if the tractor becomes unbalanced they can rise. At 11, Mike didn't know that learning to balance the tractor at different points would entertain anyone but himself, let alone that there was a world record for this skill.

After marrying, Mike and his wife moved to Montana to be near family. Shortly afterward he set out to break the Guinness world record for "World's Longest Tractor Wheelie." He bought his 1994 Ford 4630 tractor and started meticulously engineering the balance of the tractor. By July 2008 he was able to break the world record of 3 miles with his own 5.3 mile ride and broke his own record again in 2009 by going 7.6 miles.

Mike is a long haul trucker and OOIDA member and also loves spending time with his family outdoors. He's a card carrying NRA member and his favorite guns are his AR15 rifle and his 223 .556 caliber but is fascinated by all guns.