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Layne Hagan

The first time Layne Hagan pulled the trigger on a firearm he was four years old. His father, Mike has been taking him out to the shooting range since then. He's been featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not and will be featured on Shooting USA's Impossible Shots on the Outdoor Channel in 2011. He is a youth NRA member and his favorite rifle to shoot is his AR15, though he is experienced with a number of guns, and has used a variety of firearms in Hagan Outdoors' exhibitions.

Layne's Cool Kids Concepts for Safety

Layne, with the help of his family, has developed an easy and fun system for kids to learn firearm safety. The goal being to teach kids to never touch a gun without clear permission and supervision of a parent or adult.

Some of the situations Layne talks about:

Firearm safety is important to Layne, since he really enjoys exhibition shooting and safety has to come first any time.