Hagan Outdoors

Family Outdoor Sports Performers

Layne Hagan taking aim and his targetLayne Hagan performing is signature shot,
spliting a horse hair.

Exhibition Shooting

Hagan Outdoors puts on a safe family event, to entertain young and old, the highly trained shooter and the non-shooter alike. By using skill, reactive targets, model trains, toy cars, remote control monster trucks, patriotism, and explosions, they will overload your senses. Our shows are a unique experience, not just shooting targets repeatedly, but using marksmanship to do something else: cause and effect. And we have great effects.

Layne and Mike always follow Layne's Cool Kids Concepts of Safety, to keep both performer and spectator safe.

An exhibition shooting event from Hagan Outdoors will keep your crowd's attention and keep the people excited and entertained.