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Mike and Layne Hagan at the rangeMike and Layne Hagan of Hagan Outdoors


My name is Mike Hagan of Hagan Outdoors. Welcome to our website. We are a father/son team of exhibition shooters with an interest in entertaining the people around us.

My son and I have been into outdoor sports and recreation for most of our lives. I became interested in guns and shooting while hunting with my grandfather and Layne has been shooting since he was 4 years old. We both have experience in exhibition environments and working before a camera, and we really enjoy entertaining our audience.

Please take a look around the site at what activities we like to do and get to know us through our bios. We are available for appearances in movies, television, or other media. If you would like to get a hold of us, you can fill out our contact form, or you can order a t-shirt from us in our store. Thanks for stopping by!